Explore life! And have a bit of fun along the way.

We would like to inspire you to savour life's pleasures. Either enjoying moments with friends and family, setting off on an adventure or recovering from an activity, the experience is better with a great bottle of beer in your hand. Upgrade your journey and open up a Grailee's.


Grailee's is brewed by Belgian craftsmen according to the traditional recipe of the Hefeweizen and adheres to the Purity Law of 1516.
 You can grab and drink Grailee's brew wherever you go and whatever you do

Our Adventure

What is life without an adventure? That's what we thought.

Charlotte and Koen are daughter and father. During their holidays to the mountains with their family, they enjoyed the great things the mountains have to offer: powerful nature, hearty food and of course the mighty Hefeweizen beer.

Koen is a passionate beer lover and has been working professionally in the beer industry for many years. Whilst drinking the Hefeweizen beer in a sun chair after a day of hitting the slopes, he started thinking. He was amazed that this great beer is so hard to find in Belgium, the beer country of the world. The seed to do something with this was planted.

As father as daughter, and when Charlotte became of legal drinking age, she also started to enjoy this tasty and refreshing brew. Once she graduated and had her first working experience, her entrepreneurial and young spirit surfaced.

It didn't take long before they decided to join hands and to start on a journey together. Bringing the traditional Hefeweizen to life through Belgian craftmanship and local ingredients and adding a modern, adventurous and international touch to it.

Appealing to all that want to explore life, take on new experiences and have some fun. Nothing less, nothing more.

Explore life! And have a bit of fun along the way.

Pursue freedom

Grailee's is best enjoyed drinking straight from its unique black longneck bottle. You can grab and drink this mighty brew wherever you go and whatever you do: on a sunny rooftop bar, during a sunset on the beach, chilling with a view over the skyline or enjoying a barbecue at the lake. The perfect session beer.

Break away from the conventional

Grailee's is different from the traditional Belgian beers. It brings the best of worlds together: Belgian craftsmanship and international tastes. The finest pairing since Belgian fries and mayonnaise.

Unwind and enjoy

Thanks to its great taste and light character, Grailee's brightens up your day and helps you unwind in order to enjoy life to the fullest.


Grailee's reminds you of summer. Even when the sun is not shining or your vacation days are used up, open up a Grailee's and let the sun shine in.


Locally brewed by Belgian brewmasters in a small village in West Flanders. Using 100% Belgian ingredients (of course).


Hand-crafted beer sustainably brewed according to the traditional Hefeweizen recipe. Four ingredients: less is more.


We use only natural ingredients of top quality. No additives.

Grailee's: the Holy Grail of beers

A premium low-alcohol Belgian Weissbier

It's Belgian, but not as you know it. Grailee's is brewed by Belgian craftsmen according to the traditional recipe of the Hefeweizen and adheres to the Purity Law of 1516. 
It is a premium top-fermenting wheat beer maturing in the bottle. It has a hazy blond and cloudy appearance. Grailee's has a rich and complex body and is elegantly sparkling. The aroma features notes of banana which brings a surprisingly light sweetness. 
Just the perfect session beer to get your taste buds tingling all-year round. 

Ingredients: Water, wheat malt, barley malt, yeast and hops.
Alcohol: 4% vol

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In search of the holy grail of beers? Look no further, you're holding it!

Grailee's is a refreshing, light and tasty craft beer. It's brewed in Belgium with exclusively natural ingredients.

Just relax and enjoy!

Created by C&K De Staercke


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