Grailee's is now available on Beerwulf!

1 Oct 2018
Charlotte De Staercke
Grailee's is now available on Beerwulf!


Beerwulf is a webshop of craft and speciality beers. They deliver directly to your doorstep in 5 countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Beerwulf has a very user-friendly website on which you can navigate easily to learn about their product range, beer packs and other fun stories.

Getting curious about Beerwulf? Go and have a look on their website and/or watch the below movie!

Grailees X Beerwulf

We're very excited to have been included in Beerwulf's range as of today and to be part of this great platform! 

On the Beerwulf website, Grailee's is described as "Refreshing weizen, brewed according the German Reinheitsgebot (Purity Law), but then from Belgium. Typical flavours of clove and banana, a soft mouthfeel and mild finish makes this a classic weizen." 

Are you living in one of the countries Beerwulf delivers to? Try something new, be adventourous, and buy Grailee's on Beerwulf!

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In search of the holy grail of beers? Look no further, you're holding it!

Grailee's is a refreshing, light and tasty craft beer. It's brewed in Belgium with exclusively natural ingredients.

Just relax and enjoy!

Created by C&K De Staercke


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