Home delivery via Beedrop in Kortrijk

25 Mar 2019
Charlotte De Staercke
Grailee's is now available on Beedrop!


Beedrop is an online marketplace offering a free home delivery service bringing together products of local merchants. Beedrop makes it possible to order products from various merchants online and delivers these at the same time for free at home. Watch the video below to quickly understand how it works!

As of today, Grailee's can be ordered on Beedrop in Kortrijk! Hit the link to check out the Beedrop website!


In search of the holy grail of beers? Look no further, you're holding it!

Grailee's is a refreshing, light and tasty craft beer. It's brewed in Belgium with exclusively natural ingredients.

Just relax and enjoy!

Created by C&K De Staercke


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